Teaching Background

I am Thai. I come from the northeast of Thailand. Most foreigners know it as E-saan (or sometimes, Isaan). Where I am from is not too far from Cambodian border. I also speak Khmer. My pronunciation is very clear (some Thai people canft differentiate their Rs and Ls clearly or they mumble words indistinctly).

I started teaching Thai to foreigners in 2008. Early on I wasn't sure whether I'd be good at teaching. But I worked hard, took a keen interest in different approaches to teaching, and found I loved it and was good at it! At the beginning, I learned from my students and from the challenges they posed. I had to study hard at first. I wanted to be able to help my students to improve their Thai and also make it fun. I really enjoy seeing my students progress. I've worked both independently and, for a period for a world-wide company, Cartus, whose base is in Singapore (I lived from 2013-16 in Singapore). I meet most of my students in Bangkok face-to-face. I teach individuals or couples. I also teach remotely on Skype. I currently have Skype students from Canada, Switzerland, Japan and Australia, and face-to-face students from the UK, Australia, France, the US, and Japan.